Privacy Policy
Experis Motus is committed to protecting your private information. We will not share information with any of our clients without your express permission. Experis Motus strictly observes all Japan based laws related to Data Protection, and other affiliated government laws; handle your personal information with sensitivity, and maintain strict rules on the storage of your data.

The Securing of Personal Information

Experis Motus will always seek your permission relating to dissemination of personal information and will never offer to a third party without the specific agreement of the related individual. With regards to personal information received, the provider shall have processing authority as they see fit. When any person requests their data be deleted from our systems we shall immediately comply with their requests.

Management of Personal Information

Experis Motus will perform every reasonable action to safeguard your personal information through internal training and utilizing security technology to prevent: outside access, loss, destruction, manipulation and distribution to unauthorized third parties of any personal information.

Collection and Use of Personal Information

Experis Motus collects data only relevant to and needed to achieve our business purpose. We always follow Japanese labour laws relating to the safe and reliable handling and storage of this data.

Risk Prevention

Experis Motus regularly reviews our compliance programs to ensure that adequate protection for personal information is maintained. Improvements to these programs are continuously made.

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